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The X-Men comics are a fond memory shared by many collectors of American toys. Over half a century has passed since the series' debut in early 1963, but today, in 2018, it is still an unmatched classic to its fans.
Beast Kingdom's action figure brand, EAA (Egg Attack Action), is proud to present this action figure of the classic Marvel superhero Wolverine.

Incorporating the cute and well-loved "Egg Attack Action" proportions, the action figure features a newly developed fully poseable body and uses high-elasticity fabric for the first time. EAA brings back the renowned Wolverine Classic Yellow II yellow-and-blue suit from the 1992 X-Men comics. With enhanced modeling techniques and a brand-new look, every detail, from the expressions of the head sculptures to the stature and muscles, is recreated with utmost care. The action figure comes with a selection of interchangeable heads and several accessories. EAA gives you Wolverine in different motions, but all with the same iconic audacity.

The product comes in both regular and Special editions, to meet the needs of all collectors. To give your Wolverine a wider variety of expressions and settings, choose the "Special edition" for exclusive accessories. The Logan howling face and battle-damaged Sentinel head diorama base will definitely add drama to your EAA Wolverine collection.

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Newly developed action figure 6-inch (about 17.5 cm tall) Wolverine action figure from the X- Men comics

Brand new design Specially-selected high-elasticity fabric to recreate Wolverine's classic yellow outfit in the original X-Men comics

Body with over 28 points of articulations

Interchangeable Heads

Glaring "Logan" heads 

Wolverine masked head

Interchangeable mouth shapes 

Masked head - howling mouth 

Masked head - frowning mouth

Interchangeable hand gestures 

One (1) pair of fists 

One (1) pair of open hands 

One (1) pair of fists with claws


Mask (detachable)

Exclusive action-figure stand.

Accessories exclusive to the Special edition: 

Logan howling face 

Battle-damaged Sentinel head diorama base

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