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Product Description

Travel to a world of struggle and heroism with the infamous Wolverine, fighting one of the world-ending, mutant hunting Sentinel machines! Beast Kingdom is proud to present its latest Diorama Stage series: The DS-021 Marvel Comics Wolverine!

With years of irreplaceable adventures, collectors can now revisit and forever keep pivotal moments in the cherished comic-book franchise. With a design based on the classic comic setting, the DS-021 Marvel Comics Wolverine incorporates sophisticated modelling techniques, a detailed diorama design, and delicate yet highly immersive paint work. So, for all Marvel fans, grab an authentic stereoscopic diorama, and add this amazing snapshot to your X-Men collection.

Product Features

6 inch (15.25cm) scale
Made of plastic
A PX Previews exclusive
Sophisticated modeling and immersive painting techniques
Revisit and forever keep pivotal moments in the cherished comic-book franchise

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